Millions of people tend to remodel their home annually, especially the kitchen because the heart of the home draws so much attention. New cabinets can turn an old-fashioned bathroom or kitchen into an organized, functional and modern space. In recent times, they are accompanied with arrays of options and finishes at different price levels. So, you need to get smart about the choices you make.

Here are some essential things you need to know about installing new cabinets:

  • Pick a Certified Brand

Search for products that have been certified by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association, as they are subjected to series of tests that resemble years of usual bathroom and kitchen abuse. These cabinets tend to endure exposure to humidity, and dousing of mainstays in kitchen such as lemon, vinegar, ketchup, fruit juice and so on without exhibiting signs of discoloration, blistering or damage.

  • Know the Lingo

The most common cabinets in the market are the stock and semicustom cabinets. Stock cabinets reign because of the low cost of purchase, instant delivery and, increase in accessory options such as furniture feet and extension glides. The semicustom cabinet models provide a wider range of finishes, styles and sizes. Custom models take longer to fabricate, and they are the most expensive.

  • Personalize your Storage

Most cabinets that are fabricated nowadays have user-friendly options like the full-extension glides, big drawers in the base cabinets, and in-built open storage systems.

  • Select the Right Look

Woods, maple and oak that are light-colored makes the bathroom or kitchen look brighter and larger than normal, while the dark-colored woods create a furniture-like and dramatic effect.

  • Consider the Box

The box is the backbone of the cabinet- the stronger it is the better for you. Box materials include Oriented Strand Board (OSB) and Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), but most people tend to go for plywood with mortise joints and wood or metal corners for rigidity. Cabinets that are of high-quality possess dovetail joints in the boxes of the drawer.

  • Be Prepared for Future Repairs

Before parting ways with your cabinet supplier, you should pick up some repair kits such as putty, markers or colored wax to conceal repair dings or set nails, buy surplus drawer slide systems and hinges because these are the items that tend to wear out first. Also, remember to unpack your cabinets before they are installed and make sure you receive the correct sizes of unit you desire.

  • Make Use of the Right Screw

Attach the cabinets to studs with 2-inch screws; avoid drywall screws as they tend to easily snap under the heavy weight of upper cabinets. Join the cabinets together to form a single unit and ensure fitted seams between the frames.

  • Provide Support

Screw in 1×3 cleat beneath the layout line to provide support before placing upper cabinets in their positions. Try to get some help when doing this, but if you can’t get any help, hold the cabinet with a cabinet jack while you attach it to the wall.

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Excellent Home Improvement Tips to Delight Y0u

The home can be castle or a dungeon; it just depends on how you choose to see it. Sometimes all it takes is just a little direction to get your living space to meet your vision. We’ve compiled a list of ideas you can rely on. These tips can help you create a castle with a little bit of pizzazz.  Thank us later.

Step Up to the Challenge: It is a handy idea to store your cleaning supplies or any other equipment on a couple of flight of stairs which you can open up like a lid and-voila! The landing can also be a good old place.

Shoot for a Place at the Table: You can invest in a dual purpose piece of furniture. Yes, a pool table that doubles as a regular dining table does exist. It works by letting you take out the top to reveal your play area and can be recovered to serve family and guests. This wonder is available at Amazon.com

Bring the Garden in With You: There are all sorts of benefits to be derived from installing a vertical garden right inside your kitchen: such as ease of access on rainy nights, the comforting silence of the herbivorous world.  This saves space, where there’s lack of that, if you’re in the middle of the city perhaps.

A Tree-house Themed Room for Adventures: A nice tree-house themed room would help to stimulate the kids’ imagination and foster the bond between parents and offspring, especially with late night book reading. Boy Scout and Girl Guide adventures could be born here too. Just don’t attempt to simulate a fire, though.

Feasting on the Balcony: Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to spend languid evenings eating your favourite dish on the deck? Yes. I thought so. You can install a bar rail on the balcony to hold your plates and drinks while you gaze into the sunset.  How about that?

Table Tennis Door: All you’ll need for this one is to stand right in front of the door and say ‘open sesame.’ Not exactly, but if a little physical fitness is something you want as part of the household routine then this gizmo would certainly be apropos. The table tennis panel can be unhinged from the main door and comes with the net fittings so you can ping-pong your way to a healthy life.

Install Dutch Doors: These help you keep your toddlers and pets from running about unsupervised while giving you that near omnipotent ability to peek through to ensure that they are safe.

Carpet Dents: Carpet dents can be a sign that stuff hasn’t been moved around in a long time whether they are drawers, chests or the bed frame. You might be considering selling off the carpet but be stumped by these dents. Don’t worry. Just let a few blocks of ice sit on the dents for a while and soon your carpet should be back to new.

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SD 101: Scuba diving for dummies

“Oh! They’re just Scuba divers”

Movies and documentaries depict them all the time. Either it’s a hero trying to sneak into an enemy’s yacht (James Bond et al.) Or researchers trying to study aquatic life (Deep blue sea; Nat Geo). We often see these men and women wearing funny costumes. Spandex body suits with fin-like feet. And the most intriguing part; A tank is hitched to their back with flexible pipes sticking out all over to the nose and mouth. They dive inside water and are able to move underwater for minutes. After some time you begin to notice bubbles at the surface. Many times, we flippantly say: “They’re scuba divers” or “It’s just scuba diving”.


Diving into scuba diving

Easy to say, but have you ever really thought about what scuba diving involves? What does that rectangular tank contain? Why do bubbles come up to the surface when they’re underwater? How do they survive in the water for that long? (If you think staying underwater is not a big deal, try staying submerged in your bathtub for 3minutes).

This post will try to answer these questions in some basic and relatable ways- you, however, will definitely need to do a little further reading.

The Basic Basics

SCUBA is actually an acronym for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. Well, the name actually says a lot. Scuba diving is an activity (or sports or profession or field of study, depending on the participant) in which an individual (or individuals) is/are able to live, move and survive below the surface of water (at various depths) for a (varying) period of time using a portable and self-contained apparatus (without the need for air from external sources).

That was pretty easy, wasn’t it? Now to the tough part, how do they breathe and survive underwater? Your guess is right, the secret is in that famous tank.

What’s in that tank?

It’s called an autonomous compressed air equipment and its purpose is basically to enable underwater breathing. Well, you may want to think of it as giving you temporary fish abilities (this may be cool or demeaning depending on your perspective). The reason for this is that for breathing to be successful, you need to have access to the kind of oxygen that is fit for human breathing. Underwater, oxygen is dissolved for aquatic life. You can’t breathe that kind of oxygen, so you need to bring along your own oxygen (like taking your lunch to work because you don’t want to eat unhealthy junk). The tank holds the oxygen you need to breathe in sufficient quantities so you can last underwater and return to the surface alive.

Where do the bubbles come from?

It’s simply the carbon dioxide being exhaled by the diver that’s piped out into the water through an exhaust valve. It’s when the CO2 breaks the surface that bubbles appear.

Great! These are the basics, but you are by no means ready to start SCUBA diving. Be on the lookout for subsequent blog-posts to learn more.


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Benefits of Annual Air Conditioning System Maintenance

Have you schedules your annual air conditioning system maintenance yet? You might skip this task, however, it is more important than you can ever imagine. Once you learn the benefits of annual air conditioning system maintenance, you will never want to shrug off this simple task again. 

Air Conditioning System 

Why Is Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance Important? 

The main purpose of preventive maintenance at least done once a year is to keep you air conditioning system up and running in a good condition all year long with no any surprise breakdowns, making sure that it operates at top efficiency and effectiveness. Since you rarely see your air conditioning and heating system face to face, you sometimes find it easy to neglect it and forget about its supposed to be regular maintenance. Imagine doing the same maintenance needed for your car. If you never change the engine oil or neglect to take your vehicle in for some kind of tune up and check up until the engine light comes on, you cannot be able to expect the engine to last more than a year or two. It goes the same with your air conditioning and heating system. No matter how pricey the system is or whatever your air conditioner manufacturer promises, complicated mechanical equipment is always subject to breakdown and obviously needs repairs oftentimes. You can reduce the incidence of having the need to spend too much money for costly repairs in the future by making sure that your annual maintenance is met. This is the reason why your air conditioning and heating system should be maintained regularly. 

Benefits of Off Season Air Conditioning System Maintenance 

In this article, you will know the many benefits a newly tuned up air conditioning system can give you. Find out if the maintenance cost is really worth it. Consider these benefits regular annual air conditioning maintenance can give you. Others are immediate effect while others can prevent future problems from occurring. Some of the most important benefits are: 

Lower Energy Bills

Since your air conditioning is cooling your home, you may assume that it does not have any problem and that it works perfectly fine. But, have you checked your energy bills lately? As a matter of fact, a neglected air conditioning system slowly its own ability to keep your house comfortable at the same efficiently level it once did. Just like how a vehicle tune up delivers good gas mileage, your air conditioning system consumers less energy after receiving professional regular maintenance from a qualified air conditioner contractor. 

Fewer Repairs

If you notice an odd odor or a strange sound coming from your air conditioning system, calling a professional air conditioning contractor could be able to help you right away in detecting the main cause of the problem before it become even more dangerous. For example, sometimes a fraying belt can result in weird operating noises and if a professional technician is able to replace it right away, you can be able to avoid spending too much for expensive repair that is cause by a snapped belt that is whipping around inside. That is the reason why in order to prevent costly repairs in the future, annual regular maintenance pays for itself. From now on, if it is not your habit to have your air conditioning system checked annually, you should change it if spending too much for costly repairs is not in your list. Sometimes all you have to do is to be patient enough to have your air conditioning system’s annual maintenance scheduled. Aside from the fact that it will only take a few minutes to call your preferred air conditioning contractor, you are also extending the lifespan of your air conditioning system. Your air conditioning system as well as heating system actually plays a big role in your home that is why their maintenance should be done in a regular manner. 

Longer Equipment Life

Air conditioning system functions best when they are serviced and cleaned regularly. One malfunctioning part on an air conditioning system can actually cause a domino effect, leading to an entire breakdown of the air conditioning system. Of course, you don’t want it to happen. That is the reason why regular maintenance is needed since annual maintenance can prevents all of these from occurring and it can add many years to the lifespan of your air conditioning system too. 

If you need an expert air conditioner installation, repair, and maintenance services, you should only choose a professional and reputable air conditioner contractor in your area. 

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Taking Care of Your Air Conditioning System in Hot Summer Season

Summer is here and it means more fun in the sun along with the rising temperatures. It may also mean more stress for your air conditioning system. Just like any other equipment, your air conditioning system will need upkeep and repair, most especially as we head into the summer season. Certainly, no one likes to face the hot summer season without that cool air. Therefore, proper air conditioning system maintenance is a necessity. 

Air Conditioning System 

Fortunately, it is quite simple to take care of your air conditioning system on a regular basis as well as prevent you from having to spend too much for costly repairs in the future. Here are some things you can do to help keep your air conditioning system in its outstanding state. 

Keep Air Filter Clean 

Some things can be done on your own in order to keep your air conditioning system in good condition. First and foremost, you should keep your air filter clean at all times. Air filters that are clogged up means that your air conditioning unit needs to work harder in order for it to cool and get clean air for you, giving extra stress to the unit that can make your system to become inefficient. If your air conditioning system has a reusable filter, you can be able to wash it out even once a month. In addition to that, disposable filters must also be replaced at least once a month especially during the hot summer season. 

Remove Outdoor Obstructions 

Air conditioning units that are placed outdoors should be free from obstruction in order for them to pull in much fresh air. Keep all leaves, plants as well as other debris at least a couple of feet away from your air conditioning system. In addition to that, you should also make sure that all your windows and doors are being sealed correctly so that air does not escape and that ducts and vents are clean, allowing it to have greater air flow. You will be getting cool air during this hot summer season, saving energy as well as cutting down on your energy bill. 

Annual Air Conditioning System Inspection 

Having a regular annual inspection performed by a professional air conditioning system company at the beginning of summer season is also a major part of your air conditioning unit’s maintenance. A professional air conditioning unit contractor can be able to take a look at your unit’s inside as well as spot any potential problems, which might escape the inexperienced eye. During this annual inspection, the professional air conditioning unit technician will clean your unit’s drain. If your air conditioning system has a clogged drain, it will put strain on your unit just like what clogged air filters can do. 

The professional air conditioning unit contractor can also clean the evaporator coil and fan blades, getting rid of any debris or dust, making sure that your air conditioning system will be able to move clean ear easily and a fast manner. 

During the annual inspection, the electrical connections will be checked too in order to make sure that all your unit’s electrical connections are working properly. The air conditioning unit itself can be very dangerous to operate if its electrical connections are damaged. Therefore, it is very important to have your electrical connections checked regularly by a professional and qualified air conditioning system technician. 

In addition to that, lubrication is also vital for all the moving parts of your air conditioning unit since it can cause your unit to wear down much faster. Your professional air conditioner technician can be able to lubricate whenever necessary during the inspection in order to keep all the moving parts in your unit move smoothly. 

The qualified professional technicians of your air conditioning system will also check its controls in order to make sure that the system operates, powers on, as well as shuts off properly. 

Since your air conditioning system operates many hours during the summer season, regular maintenance made by you as well as a professional technician can go a long way in making sure that your unit is working properly. As long as regular maintenance and checkups are performed, and filters are cleaned each month, your air conditioning unit should have no any problem in terms of keeping up with the hot summer season. 

For all your repair or installation of air conditioner service needs, you should only trust a professional and reputable contractor in your area so you stay free from worries knowing that you air conditioning system is in good hands. 

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