The home can be castle or a dungeon; it just depends on how you choose to see it. Sometimes all it takes is just a little direction to get your living space to meet your vision. We’ve compiled a list of ideas you can rely on. These tips can help you create a castle with a little bit of pizzazz.  Thank us later.

Step Up to the Challenge: It is a handy idea to store your cleaning supplies or any other equipment on a couple of flight of stairs which you can open up like a lid and-voila! The landing can also be a good old place.

Shoot for a Place at the Table: You can invest in a dual purpose piece of furniture. Yes, a pool table that doubles as a regular dining table does exist. It works by letting you take out the top to reveal your play area and can be recovered to serve family and guests. This wonder is available at

Bring the Garden in With You: There are all sorts of benefits to be derived from installing a vertical garden right inside your kitchen: such as ease of access on rainy nights, the comforting silence of the herbivorous world.  This saves space, where there’s lack of that, if you’re in the middle of the city perhaps.

A Tree-house Themed Room for Adventures: A nice tree-house themed room would help to stimulate the kids’ imagination and foster the bond between parents and offspring, especially with late night book reading. Boy Scout and Girl Guide adventures could be born here too. Just don’t attempt to simulate a fire, though.

Feasting on the Balcony: Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to spend languid evenings eating your favourite dish on the deck? Yes. I thought so. You can install a bar rail on the balcony to hold your plates and drinks while you gaze into the sunset.  How about that?

Table Tennis Door: All you’ll need for this one is to stand right in front of the door and say ‘open sesame.’ Not exactly, but if a little physical fitness is something you want as part of the household routine then this gizmo would certainly be apropos. The table tennis panel can be unhinged from the main door and comes with the net fittings so you can ping-pong your way to a healthy life.

Install Dutch Doors: These help you keep your toddlers and pets from running about unsupervised while giving you that near omnipotent ability to peek through to ensure that they are safe.

Carpet Dents: Carpet dents can be a sign that stuff hasn’t been moved around in a long time whether they are drawers, chests or the bed frame. You might be considering selling off the carpet but be stumped by these dents. Don’t worry. Just let a few blocks of ice sit on the dents for a while and soon your carpet should be back to new.